Cancer feat. Grateful & Company

There's something to be said for those that have no idea what their tomorrow looks like but they're choosing to wake up and fight. Every. Single. Day.


Grateful & Company has a very special connection to cancer.  Our founder, Caroline- has a very special mentor in her life: Crystal Christmas.  Hear her story here on episode 28 of the How Do They Do It podcast.  Crystal is a life saver and world changer within the realm of cancer.  She's a pioneer in developing new ways to identify cancer sooner by connecting data to medical records.  Her work is incredible and will change the world.

We decided that it was time to do something for cancer patients.  These people are fighting to live every single day- and yet they wake up and they keep going.  They remind us we have so much to be grateful for.  Now- you and I have the opportunity to tell them... let me show you how. 


Did you see our newest product? Our monthly Gratitude Packs? If not check them out here!

Well guess what. 


We want to build and send these to cancer patients- filled with goodies for them to remind them that their fight does not go unnoticed.  


And guess what else.


You can send one to a cancer patient- even if you don't personally know one.  You can sponsor a Gratitude Pack and have it sent to a cancer patient.  


Recognize self worth. Acknowledge the value in the people around you. And do both of these things through physical acts of appreciation. Tell these amazing people that they're loved, seen, valued, and remembered.  Tell them you're grateful for their heart and for their fight.


Be a part of the Grateful & Company feat. Cancer movement, and while you're at it- check out these two other groups also working to fight for the cure to cancer:


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