Gratitude Takeover: University of Houston


We had the best time ever at the University of Houston during our huge Gratitude Takeover event.  We visited the campus and set up huge chalk boards that said "I am grateful for..." while also passing out free thank you cards to the students. Something amazing happened.

People started talking.

A conversation started as people began to share what they were grateful for and learn what we were doing for mental health resources for the students at the University of Houston.  People began to open up about depression and getting help and share their stories.  People started talking.


And then people started listening.  The Grateful & Company team began talking about the mission to end suicide on college campuses.  We began sharing what we were doing and the desperate need for improved mental health resources for students at the University of Houston.  Did you know that according to the International Association of Counseling Services that there should be 1 counselor available for every 1,500 students on a college campus? Did you also know that the University of Houston currently has 1 counselor available for every 2,268 students? Combine that with over a 30% increase in utilization of mental health resources over the past year on campus-

students are trying to get help.


It became even more apparent to me the desperate need for better and more available resources for college students at the University of Houston.  The Grateful & Company team started to share these facts and statistics with students that were participating in the Gratitude Takeover and they were shocked as well.  Then the conversation switched to:

So what are people doing about this?

Is anyone out there trying to get more counselors?

What can we do?

Is there anything being done?

And my answer unfortunately was a heartbreaking, no. The state of Texas provides zero funds for mental health resources for public higher education institutions. Unless people like you and I rise up and realize that there is a serious problem that needs to be addressed, nothing is going to happen.

That's why Grateful & Company was born.  To empower people to start the conversation about mental health and the need for more funding and improvement.  And maybe, just maybe, inspire someone to believe that they're capable of making a change. 

Unashamed plug: buy a product here at Grateful & Company and fund improved mental health resources for college students.  Choose to live grateful today, to see the good all around you and to tell the people in your life that they're awesome.  And hey- if you see a giant chalkboard that asks you what you're grateful for, you should totally go write on it!