World Changers | Beza Threads

One of my favorite things to do is to support other organizations that are on mission to change the world.  What's amazing is that if you really thought of the products you buy monthly- chances are you can find that product available through a store/channel that will send a portion of the cost price to someone who is in need.  Like a soap company sending hygienic products to someone who wouldn't have access otherwise, or a water bottle company sending access to clean water with every purchase- there are so many companies and groups that are on mission to provide us with awesome products while simultaneously funding and supporting world changing and life saving missions.  This is why we've incorporated improving mental health resources into where our money goes- giving back matters.  Making a real difference and impact MATTERS!


One of my favorite groups is Beza Threads.

Check out their mission:


We help bring redemption and freedom to the enslaved, providing rehabilitation and job training to give them a sustainable future.  We support organizations and former slaves by bringing their products to the market place.

They partner with Hope for Children in Ethiopia (HCE), an on-the-ground (public) nonprofit dedicated to the rescue and transformation of enslaved children. Not only do they free children from slavery, but they also educate and empower them through various secondary programs. Beza Threads formed after a college mission trip to the capital city of Ethiopia, where several Drake University students encountered the devastation of slavery first-hand and decided to do something about it.

Nearly eight years later, Beza Threads’ partnership has helped rescue 200 youth from forced prostitution and sweatshop labor. They sell scarves and leather goods made by freed beneficiaries receiving emotional support, basic education, counseling and job skill training. Ninety percent of their proceeds go towards programs that free, rehabilitate and equip these youth to lead sustainable futures. Young men rescued from sweatshops repurpose textile skills mastered in slavery toward a small business model that generates personal income and a sustainable future. Women freed from forced prostitution choose programs in culinary arts, cosmetology or leatherworking that end in internship and job placement.



Beza Threads is a growing community that values the life, freedom and worth of all people. They serve our Ethiopian friends because they cannot imagine sitting back and doing nothing if their own sons or daughters, brothers or sisters were being abused and treated like commodities. They've seen that compassion and love through radical action can overcome even the greatest pains and scars of child slavery. They believe any effort that promotes freedom in the life of an enslaved child has immense value.

I mean c'mon yall, talk about powerful.  One of the ways that they're supporting this amazing mission is by offering beautiful products for you and I to buy- and then 90% of the proceeds will go to changing lives in Ethiopia. Check out their beautiful shop here!

I think it's important to celebrate those that are working endlessly to make this world a better place to live in.  If not us, then who?  Beza Threads is a group to be celebrated.  The work they're doing is amazing and their team is outstanding.  If you're looking for a beautiful scarf or bag that will simultaneously change someone's life- take a second and go check them out.


The team at Grateful & Company is SO grateful for all that y'all do!