YOU need to hear this.

On average, someone commits suicide every 40 seconds.  Can you believe that? Every 40 seconds someone feels so worthless that their life isn't worth living anymore.  Every time I hear this statistic I want to break down and cry.

Based on this average- at this point someone has committed suicide.

There's a huge problem.  And we need to talk about it.  

People do not feel valued.

People do not feel loved.

People do not feel worthy.

We need to stop covering up the fact that people are dying all over the world because they don't feel worthy enough to continue living.  We need to start the conversation... depression is a huge problem in the world that we live in.

5% of the entire world's population suffer from depression. That's over 350 million people all over the world.  Over 350,000,000 feel worthless and unloved.  That's crazy! Depression is actually the leading cause of disability worldwide. And the rate of youth depression is increasing year after year...but why?

I'd make the argument that we live in such a busy world and chaotic culture, that sometimes we forget that at the end of the day- when we've shut down our computers and locked our doors at the office- that we are HUMANS.  

We are human beings. Flesh. Blood. A bunch of gross organs. Humans.  And one of our primary needs as human beings is to feel like we're needed and loved.  Along with being made to feel secure and safe, we have to feel valued and wanted. 

So many times we forget to satisfy that need for ourselves.  We forget to tell ourselves "hey, you're pretty was rough, but you're amazing." We forget to see ourselves as the human beings that we are.  We take for granted the fact that we are not invincible, we are not impenetrable or made of steel.  Our kryptonite is feeling worthless.  

My hope is that you can use Grateful & Company as a vessel to remember to value yourself and the people around you. 

If you could save a life by telling someone...or even yourself maybe...that they are...that you are WORTH IT...would you?